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Name:The 11th Asian Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering
Description:Dear Colleagues of Asian Pacific Working Group of IFMBE and all the members of IFMBE It is a pleasure to invite you to contribute to the development of the scientific program of APCMBE 2020, the 11th Asian Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering. The conference will be organized by IFMBE Asian Pacific Working Group and the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering. The conference will be held at Okayama Convention Center, Okayama, Japan, from 25 to 27 May 2020. The topics of the conference covers all traditional MBE areas as well as new and emerging fields, such as Artificial Intelligence in Health Care, Medical IoT, Medical/Healthcare Robotics, and Regenerative Medicine. The conference will be held together with the 59th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering. Roll of medical and biological engineering has become more and more important as academic activities, basis for innovation for new industries, and solution to problems in healthcare. We would like to exchange our knowledge on MBE, and to discuss what MBE can contribute to improve quality of life of the people. We hope that the conference will promote future international collaboration in MBE research and development through the conference.
PC Chairs:Yasuyuki Shiraishi
Conference flow: Paper Submission: February 14, 2020 23:59 JST,
Paper Upload: February 14, 2020 23:59 JST,
Assignment of Reviewers: February 18, 2020 23:59 JST,
Review: March 8, 2020 23:59 JST,
Decision: March 14, 2020 23:59 JST,
Final: March 30, 2020 23:59 JST

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