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Name:7th International Conference on Advances in Energy Research (ICAER 2019)
Description:The rapid depletion of natural resources and the adverse changes in climate put forward great challenges for researchers. There is an imminent need to take stock of the current energy conversion and supply systems and to put forward new ideas in order to move towards a more sustainable future. The 7th International Conference on Advances in Energy Research (ICAER 2019) provides an excellent platform to know, exchange new ideas, and understand the challenges related to the energy sector at large. We are certain that ICAER 2019 would be exciting and would continue the tradition of immense scientific discussion. For more information on the conference tracks, venue, and important dates, please browse through the website ( For any query, please do NOT use the online portal message option. Because of a glitch in the system, we are unable to reply to the received messages. For all queries, please email us at
PC Chairs:Manaswita Bose
Conference flow: Paper Submission: October 30, 2019 23:59 IST,
Paper Upload: May 24, 2019 23:59 IST,
Assignment of Reviewers: November 3, 2019 23:59 IST,
Review: November 3, 2019 23:59 IST,
Decision: November 3, 2019 23:59 IST,
Final: November 3, 2019 23:59 IST

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