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Name:Integrating Engineering Education and Humanities for Global Intercultural Perspectives (IEEHGIP 2020)
Description:The overall conference focus is on partnership of disciplines within Engineering and Humanities which might lead to positive changes in education. The event will provide educators with the opportunity to meet and discuss problematic questions in the sphere of Content and Language Integrated Learning both in Russian and European universities. Thus, the conference will enhance dissemination of opinions, practices and research outcomes of scientists and educators from diverse contexts involved in the target area. Additionally, it will become a platform where two important educational aspects that are often discussed separately will be communicated at one point.
PC Chairs:Zhanna Anikina
Ksenia Girfanova
Liubov Goncharova
Conference flow: Abstract Submission: November 8, 2021 23:59 Asia/Tomsk,
Paper Upload: January 9, 2022 23:59 Asia/Tomsk,
Assignment of Reviewers: January 16, 2022 23:59 Asia/Tomsk,
Review: February 13, 2022 23:59 Asia/Tomsk,
Decision: February 20, 2022 23:59 Asia/Tomsk,
Final: March 20, 2022 23:59 Asia/Tomsk

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