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Name:International Symposium on Materials of the Millennium: Emerging Trends and Future Prospects (MMETFP-2021)
Description:Materials play an important role in developing various technologies aiming at the safety of the environment, exploration of renewable energy sources as well as enrichment in the quality of life. New materials are being explored as well as traditional materials are tailored/ engineered by the researchers for effective use in various fields including but not limited to aerospace, energy sector, medical/ healthcare, environment, construction, transportation etc. The last few decades have witnessed massive progress in the field of materials science and engineering. We believe it's time to take a stock of the development already made and decide our future direction. The symposium aims to provide a platform to the national scientists, scholars and industrialists to share each other's progress, knowledge and outlook on materials. This will help in unveiling the complete potential of smart materials in disruptive technologies and help in tackling current and upcoming challenges of the millennium. Theme of the symposium: The symposium is focused to engulf the following most sought-after themes in Materials Science and Engineering: Design and Rational Synthesis of Functional Materials Emerging Trends in Nanostructured Materials, Thin films and Devices Advanced Materials for Energy Applications Combating Antimicrobial Resistance by Biomaterials (CARB)
Rama Kanta Layek
Dr. Prahlad Baruah
Dr. Kalisadhan Mukherjee
Conference flow: Paper Submission: January 20, 2022 23:59 IST,
Paper Upload: January 21, 2022 23:59 IST,
Bidding for Review: January 25, 2022 23:59 IST,
Assignment of Reviewers: January 26, 2022 23:59 IST,
Review: January 27, 2022 23:59 IST,
Decision: February 15, 2022 23:59 IST,
Final: February 21, 2022 23:59 IST

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