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Name:Virtual Conference on Non Destructive Evaluation, NDE2020
Description:NDE 2020: The Virtual Conference & Exhibition; the annual flagship event of the Indian Society for NDT will be held on Virtual Platform during December 10-12, 2020. The theme of this year’s conference is “Redefining Industry Parlance with NDE 4.0” which has been carefully chosen to indicate the confluence, importance, and relevance of NDE 4.0 with the philosophies of industrial inspection using automation, robotics, artificial intelligence resulting in quality and reliable product. The conference will have over 30+ invited talks and 200+ presentations from eminent personalities and experts both from India and abroad. Special sessions on topics of current relevance to industries will be the highlight of the conference. Over 70 exhibitors – both national and international will be showcasing their products and services through the state-of-the-art 3D virtual exhibition. The exhibitors will get the opportunity to showcase their products, technologies and services right away from home or office through a wide range of interactive online tools such as live chats and live video channels to interact with the participants attending across the globe. The near-physical exhibition through carefully designed 3D stalls, high-resolution exhibitor avatars, promotional videos, product documentation with an exceptionally easy-to-use navigation environment will lead to a fulfilling experience of showcasing to potential clients present beyond geographical boundaries. NDE 2020 expects the participation of 1000+ delegates from around the globe in multiple domains and disciplines related to the core area of NDE and Inspection. The conference will provide a platform to delegate to present their work to a wide audience and interact with them for better knowledge sharing and dissemination. The topics will encompass a vast spectrum from Conventional to Advanced NDE including novel methods, instrumentation, NDE automation, robotics, sensors, procedures and data analytics as applied to all industry segments for quality control, periodic maintenance, life estimation, structural integrity and related areas. All delegates will be provided with participation certificates which will enable them to get credit points for certificate renewals or other purposes. Specific technical sessions focused to address the issues, challenges and opportunities for application and implementation of cutting edge NDE technologies for various industrial sectors will be addressed and attended by experts across various industries. The industries will have the opportunity to interact with experts from academia and R&D institutions working in various facets of NDE. NDE 2020, the virtual conference and exhibition, is envisaged to be another landmark event from ISNT in the annual series with a different flavour and charm which will ensure that all delegates, speakers, invitees and exhibitors have fulfilling experience on all fronts - technical, professional and social with the comfort of being at home or office.
PC Chairs:Bikash Ghose
Shyamsunder Mandayam
Sarmishtha Sagar
Conference flow: Paper Submission: February 16, 2021 23:59 IST,
Paper Upload: February 16, 2021 23:59 IST,
Assignment of Reviewers: April 15, 2021 23:59 IST,
Review: April 30, 2021 23:59 IST,
Decision: May 5, 2021 23:59 IST,
Final: May 15, 2021 23:59 IST

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