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Name:16th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature
Description:PPSN 2020 is going HYBRID... and registration is OPEN! Dear conference participants, The organization committee of PPSN 2020 has decided to run the conference on the dates originally scheduled, and to run it as a hybrid conference: In person for those who can come to Leiden, and online for those who cannot. We believe this is a decision which combines the "best of both worlds": based on what we know today, travels within Europe will be possible again starting June 15 and meetings of larger groups will also be possible in the Netherlands. Hotels are also opening again. Our conference venue has enough space to obey the safety precautions. We do not know whether intercontinental travel will be possible again by early September, but it might well be the case. Whether it is possible or not, we will make sure that the poster sessions are also happening in a live setting in small online discussion rooms, such that the presenters can show and explain their posters, and the attendees can ask questions and interact with the presenters. The sessions will be held at a time that permits as many participants from overseas to attend online as possible. The keynote lectures will be recorded, such that online participants can follow them either live or at any time they like to. We will have two types of registration fees, for the real conference and for the online conference. If you do not know yet, you may register for any of the two versions and either upgrade later on from online to real life, or get a reimbursement if you paid for the real-life version and only attended online. Registration will open in the coming weeks, and before June 15. Authors of accepted papers are requested to register before June 29, one week after the camera-ready deadline. We look forward to welcoming you at PPSN 2020! Thomas Bäck, Mike Preuss, Carola Doerr, Michael Emmerich, Heike Trautmann, André Deutz, Hao Wang, Anna Esparcia-Alcazar, Ofer Shir, Vanessa Volz, Aske Plaat, Felix Wittleben, Bernhard Sendhoff, Wenjian Luo, Bas van Stein, Jayshri Murli, Hestia Tamboer
PC Chairs:André Deutz

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