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Name:iDSC2021 - Research Track
Description:Papers must be submitted in the English language and must not exceed 6 pages, including tables, figures, references, and appendices. Submissions which are simultaneously submitted to this conference and other events or publication venues as well as submissions that do not utilize the correct formatting template, will be automatically rejected. Submissions will be selected based on their originality, timeliness, significance, relevance, and clarity of presentation. Submissions should be regarded as a commitment that, should the paper be accepted, at least one of the authors has to register and attend the conference to present the work. Accepted and presented papers will be included in the iDSC proceedings. Reviews are double-blind. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Industry and Production 4.0 - Business Analytics - Predictive Maintenance - Digital Twin - Automated Quality Assurance Artificial Intelligence - Natural Language Processing - Graph Convolutional Networks - Generative Adversarial Networks - Multi-modal Learning - Federated Learning - Edge Computing Machine Learning Internet of Things (IoT) - Security and Safety design methods - Security verification - Security analysis - IoT lifecycle management Regarding the preparation of submissions, please use either the provided Word or LaTeX template. Word template: LaTex template: Attention: Please ensure that your submissions are ready for the double-blind review process and therefore do not contain any information, which could disclose the identity of the authors, such as author names, acknowledgements etc.
PC Chairs:Maximilian Ernst Tschuchnig
Michael Mürling
Thomas Lampoltshammer
Helmut Leopold
Peter Haber
Conference flow: Paper Submission: July 20, 2021 23:59 CEST,
Paper Upload: July 20, 2021 23:59 CEST,
Assignment of Reviewers: July 26, 2021 23:59 CEST,
Review: August 20, 2021 23:59 CEST,
Decision: August 23, 2021 23:59 CEST,
Final: September 20, 2021 23:59 CEST

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