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Name: the 21th Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop (CLSW 2020)
Description:Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop (CLSW) is one of the most important international conferences on Chinese Lexical Semantics and related fields, starting from the turn of the century in year 2000, under the auspices of the Academic Advisory Committee of CLSW conference. This workshop series is dedicated to various approaches to lexical semantic research with the goal to integrate linguistics, corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, and computational linguistics. It has been held in different Asia Pacific cities, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, Xiamen, Hsin Chu, Yantai, Suzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Leshan, Macao and Chiayi, etc. CLSW has become one of the most influential and internationally known platforms for cross-disciplinary research exchange, dialogue, and collaboration. Over the past 20 years, it has been attended by an average of 250 participants with a diverse range of scholars from HK, China, Taiwan, Singapore, US, UK and EU.
PC Chairs:Jie Zhou
Yingying Ye
Qi Su
Conference flow: Paper Submission: April 24, 2021 23:59 HKT,
Paper Upload: April 24, 2021 23:59 HKT,
Assignment of Reviewers: May 1, 2021 23:59 HKT,
Review: May 1, 2021 23:59 HKT,
Decision: May 1, 2021 23:59 HKT,
Final: May 1, 2021 23:59 HKT

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