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Name:FIRA RoboWorld Cup and Congress 2013
Description:The Center for Artificial Intelligence Technology (CAIT) at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FTSM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and the Department of Polytechnic Education (Ministry of Higher Education), and Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (MySET) are organizing The International FIRA Roboworld Cup and Congress (FIRA2013). We cordially invite delegates from all over the world to participate in this event. The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and students, in addition to cover topics in intelligent control, autonomous systems and various robots including humanoids, social robotics, cooperative robotics, edutainment robots, service robots, personal robots and computational intelligence. This includes developments and applications in the area of human-robot interaction and its safety aspects, energy autonomy in robotics, computational intelligence, and multi-agent robotic systems for services, entertainment, gaming and education. All contributions will be refereed. FIRA RoboWorld Congress 2013 consists of the following conferences: • 5th International Conference on Advanced Humanoid Robotics Research (ICAHRR) • 5th International Conference on Education and Entertainment Robotics (ICEER) • 4th International Robotics Education Forum (IREF) All papers in the conference have been accepted to publish in Communications in Computer and Information Science(CCIS) Springer-Verlag.
PC Chairs:Md Jan Nordin
Prahlad Vadakkepat
Siti Norul Huda Huda Sheikh Abdullah
Anton Satria Prabuwono
Conference flow: Abstract Submission: March 15, 2013 23:59 AWST,
Paper Upload: April 15, 2013 23:59 AWST,
Bidding for Review: April 11, 2013 23:59 AWST,
Assignment of Reviewers: April 11, 2013 23:59 AWST,
Review: May 10, 2013 23:59 AWST,
Decision: June 5, 2013 23:59 AWST,
Final: June 8, 2013 23:59 AWST

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