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Name:HCC13 Including critical issues beyond the ICT context in codes of conduct/ethics
Description:As the impact of ICT developments on society increases and becomes integrated into the ‘everyday’, the ‘invisibility factor’ put forward by James Moor* (1985) of the potential for invisible abuse, invisible programming values, invisible complex calculations leading to the need for consideration of ethics, becomes ever-more relevant. The potential of ICT for re-use, mission creep, dual use and transformation of ways of living may warrant extending codes of ethics/conduct beyond the ICT context, but also raises questions of feasibility and limits of professional responsibility in development and deployment. *Moor, J.H.(1985) What is Computer Ethics? Metaphilosophy, 16:266-275, 1985
PC Chairs:Penny Duquenoy
Kai Kimppa
Conference flow:Paper Submission: February 1, 2018 23:59 CET,
Paper Upload: February 1, 2018 23:59 CET,
Bidding for Review: February 8, 2018 23:59 CET,
Assignment of Reviewers: February 12, 2018 23:59 CET,
Review: March 5, 2018 23:59 CET,
Decision: March 19, 2018 23:59 CET,
Final: April 30, 2018 23:59 CEST

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