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Name:13th IFIP TC9 International Conference on Human Choice and Computers: This Changes Everything
Description:ICTs can play a fundamental role in the improvement of the education, understanding and explanation of climate change and issues of sustainability, the progress on gender equality, medical advances, and in addressing inequalities of access to the benefits of a highly technological society. It is also the site of challenges to individual rights, privacy, and accountability, and the means by which globalisation has both spread and exacerbated inequalities. Awareness that the size of the share of the growing economic pie that the majority receive has long since stagnated – and has even begun to shrink – has led to unfolding seismic shifts in the global order. Electorates (enfranchised and disenfranchised) in the Middle East, Europe and the US in recent years have punished those sections of society that had both benefited most from globalisation and yet believed their own rhetoric that, as the pie got larger, everyone’s share of it increased. The still more fundamental realisation that it is simply not possible, on a finite Earth, to keep growing the pie, is an economics lesson that the planet is teaching us with increasing ferocity. A political economy of finite wants and non-growth, although it seems as far off as it was when Herman Daly wrote of it in 1973, may yet impose itself – necessarily with the vital help of ICTs. We propose to address these realities and concerns in the next Human Choice and Computers conference: ‘This Changes Everything’ – among many others relevant to the theme. The challenges of Climate Change are indeed something no one, in any sector, can avoid, and the changes required to combat its effects will require all our efforts. The Chairs of 13th Human Choice and Computers Conference suggest that everyone in the information systems community should be working towards this end – or at the very least, not against it. How do these realizations manifest themselves in the ICT sector specifically, and what other challenges – which change everything – must we address? The 13th Human Choice and Computers Conference invites both academics and practitioners in the field of ICTs and Society to take stock of their engagements, review their focus, and assess what and how each and everyone of us might be able to do to contribute, in however small a way, toward this aim: how can we help the elite-owned oil tanker of today’s global economy, in the transformations already beginning in local, regional, national and international contexts, towards becoming the flotilla of diverse, environmentally and socially conscious, and thriving communities that we must and can develop. More information can be found at:
PC Chairs:David Kreps

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