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Name:The 10th International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2018)
Description:November 28th-30th, 2018, Qingdao, China The 10th International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2018) brings together researchers and practitioners working on the interaction between humans and intelligent robots and on the integration of robots into the fabric of our society. The intersection of Social Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are bound to disrupt the status quo in our homes, factories, healthcare services, and transportation, among others. In the foreseeable future, Social Robotics and AI will help drive economic growth and will be the new normal. ICSR 2018 aims to foster discussions in the development of AI models and frameworks, robotic embodiments, and behaviors that further encourages invention and innovation. The forum will look into the potential of these technologies and give insights to address the challenges and risks. The conference welcomes original contributions describing technically rigorous scientific and philosophical advances in the area of social robotics and AI: innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, novel applications on the latest fundamental advances in the core technologies that form the backbone of social robotics, distinguished developmental projects, as well as seminal works in aesthetic design, ethics and philosophy, studies on social impact and influence pertaining to social robotics, and its interaction and communication with human beings and its social impact on our society. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following: Affective and cognitive sciences for socially interactive robots Context awareness, expectation, and intention understanding Control architectures for social robotics Human augmentation, rehabilitation, and medical robots Interaction and collaboration among robots, humans, and environments Personal robots for the home Robot applications in education, entertainment, and gaming Robot ethics in human society Robots that can adapt to different users Robots to assist the elderly and persons with disabilities Robots with personality Safety in robots working in human spaces Socially assistive robots to improve quality of life Social acceptance and impact in the society Socially appealing design methodologies http://uconf.org/ICSR2018/index.html
PC Chairs:Yinlong Zhang
John-John Cabibihan
Silvia Rossi
Alan Wagner
Ho Seok AHN
Ali Meghdari
Miguel A. Salichs
Emilia Barakova
Adriana Tapus
Gabriele Trovato
Kenji Suzuki
Hongsheng He
Paul Robinette
jianbo su
Xiaolong Liu
ryad chellali
Álvaro Castro-González
Elizabeth Broadbent
Conference flow: Abstract Submission: July 6, 2018 23:59 CEST,
Paper Upload: August 31, 2018 23:59 CEST,
Assignment of Reviewers: August 14, 2018 23:59 CEST,
Review: September 24, 2018 23:59 CEST,
Decision: September 28, 2018 23:59 CEST,
Final: October 9, 2018 23:59 CEST

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