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Name:the 3rd International Joint Conference 'New Global Perspectives on Industrial Engineering and Management'
Description:This joint conference is a result of an agreement between ABEPRO (Associação Brasileira de Engenharia de Produção), ADINGOR (Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Ingeniería de Organización), IISE (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers), AIM (European Academy for Industrial Management) and ASEM (American Society for Engineering Management). It will take place at UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) from July 6th-7th, 2017. The International Joint Conference ICIEOM-ADINGOR-IISE-AIM-ASEM (IJC2017)’s motto is: “New Global Perspectives on Industrial Engineering and Management”. The mission of the Conference is to promote links between researchers and practitioners from different branches, to enhance an interdisciplinary perspective of industrial engineering and management. It will be a conference of very high standards, built on the experience of previous editions of ICIEOM, ADINGOR, IISE, AIM and ASEM conferences. See also the confrence's homepage at http://www.icieom.org/
PC Chairs:Raul Poler
Josefa Mula
Raquel Sanchis
Conference flow: Paper Submission: March 7, 2017 23:59 CET,
Paper Upload: March 14, 2017 23:59 CET,
Assignment of Reviewers: March 14, 2017 23:59 CET,
Review: April 12, 2017 23:59 CEST,
Decision: April 14, 2017 23:59 CEST,
Final: May 15, 2017 23:59 CEST

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