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Name:29th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming - ILP2019
Description: Welcome to the Web site of the 29th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming, which will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on 3-5 Sep 2019! Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) is a subfield of machine learning, which relies on logic programming as a uniform representation language for expressing examples, background knowledge and hypotheses. Due to its strong representation formalism, based on first-order logic, ILP provides an excellent means for multi-relational learning and data mining. The ILP conference series, started in 1991, is the premier international forum for learning from structured or semi-structured relational data. Originally focusing on the induction of logic programs, over the years it has expanded its research horizon significantly and welcomes contributions to all aspects of learning in logic, multi-relational data mining, statistical relational learning, graph and tree mining, learning in other (non-propositional) logic-based knowledge representation frameworks, exploring intersections to statistical learning and other probabilistic approaches.
PC Chairs:Dimitar Kazakov
Can Erten
Conference flow: Abstract Submission: May 31, 2019 23:59 CEST,
Paper Upload: June 3, 2019 23:59 CEST,
Bidding for Review: June 7, 2019 23:59 CEST,
Assignment of Reviewers: June 10, 2019 23:59 CEST,
Review: June 27, 2019 23:59 CEST,
Decision: July 3, 2019 23:59 CEST,
Final: July 19, 2019 23:59 CEST

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