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Name:Book Title: Waste Recycling Technologies for Nanomaterials Manufacturing
Description:This book discusses the recent advances in wastes recycling technologies to provide low-cost and alternative ways for nanomaterials production. It shows how carbon nanomaterials can be synthesized from different waste sources such as banana fibers, argan (Argania Spinosa) seed shells, rice husk, corn grains, camellia oleifera shell, sugar cane bagasse, oil palm (empty fruit bunches and leaves), and palm kernel shells. Several nanostructured metal oxides (MnO2, Co3O4,….) can be synthesized via recycling of spent batteries. The recovered nanomaterials can be applied in many applications including Energy (supercapacitors, solar cells, etc.), sensing, medical, water treatments (heavy metal ions and dyes removal), and other applications. Spent battery, agriculture, and polymeric wastes are rich precursors for nanomaterials manufacturing. The book also explores the various recycling techniques, agriculture waste recycling, batteries recycling, and different applications of recycled materials.
PC Chairs:Abdel Salam Makhlouf
Gomaa A.M. Ali
Conference flow: Abstract Submission: December 30, 2021 23:59 CET,
Paper Upload: December 30, 2021 23:59 CET,
Assignment of Reviewers: December 30, 2021 23:59 CET,
Review: December 30, 2021 23:59 CET,
Decision: December 30, 2021 23:59 CET,
Final: December 30, 2021 23:59 CET

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