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Name:Workshops of the Latin American Conference on HPC - CARLA 2020
Description:Workshops of the Latin American Conference on High Performance Computing CARLA 2020 Workshop on Latin American Women on HPC. (WHPCLA) Fourth Workshop on Good Practices in HPC Management (4WGPHPCM) Workshop on Advanced and High Performance Computing Trends in Latin America (WACTLA) Workshop on Advanced Computing Reaction against COVID-19 Pandemic (WACCOVID19) 3rd Workshop on HPC Collaboration Between Europe and LatinAmerica (3WHPCEuroLatam)
PC Chairs:Esteban Mocskos
Carlos J. Barrios
Isidoro Gitler
Ulises Cortés
Francisco Martinez-Perez
Luis Cadenas
Carlos Barrios Hernández
Carla Osthoff
Ginés Guerrero
Carlos Calderon-Cordova
Oscar Carrillo
Harold Castro
Conference flow:Abstract Submission: August 21, 2020 23:59 CDT,
Paper Upload: August 22, 2020 23:59 CDT,
Assignment of Reviewers: August 23, 2020 23:59 CDT,
Review: August 25, 2020 23:59 CDT,
Decision: August 25, 2020 23:59 CDT,
Final: August 26, 2020 23:59 CDT

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