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Name:International Conference on Geo-Spatial Technologies and Earth Resources
Description:Geo-spatial technology and its rapid progression play a pivotal role in managing Earth resoures and monitoring the Earth environment. The 2017 International Conference on Geo-spatial Technologies and Earth Resources (GTER-ISM2017), which will be held during 5-6 October, 2017, at the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG) is an excellent opportunity for academics, practitioners, consultants, scholars, researchers and policy makers to present their papers, exchange, and share their ideas, research results in the field of Earth resources and Geo-spatial technologies. More information can be found on the conference's website at http://ism2017.humg.edu.vn Submission should contain original researches that have not been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere in another form or language.Each paper will be reviewed by minimum two reviewers matching the content areas. In addition, all papers will be checked plagiarism and self-plagiarism automatically by software provided by Springer. Springer Book's Guidelines for authors and an Endnote file for management of citations and reference can be found on the conference's website at http://ism2017.humg.edu.vn/download
PC Chairs:Nhat-Duc Hoang
Ngoc anh DO
Dieu Tien Bui, Associate Professor
Conference flow: Paper Submission: June 1, 2017 23:59 CEST,
Paper Upload: July 2, 2017 23:59 CEST,
Assignment of Reviewers: July 3, 2017 23:59 CEST,
Review: August 4, 2017 23:59 CEST,
Decision: August 5, 2017 23:59 CEST,
Final: August 8, 2017 23:59 CEST

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